Mountaineering in Tasmania
Written and compiled by
Keith Ernest Lancaster
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Note: The reports have been scanned in as written. I have included the height and distance indications, e.g.:
(1000'- 12m.- 4.45p.m.)
which read as follows: height in feet - miles for the day - time.
Sept.29th. 1932.
The following chapters contain a full, comprehensive and accurate description of the adventures of myself whilst mountaineering in the Tasmanian highlands. These accounts are compiled more for my own personal reference than as reading for others, but the prospective mountaineer may gain a wealth of knowledge therefrom. At least I am sure this compilation of details will be of some educational value to those who have not penetrated to the higher altitudes which have, among other peculiarities, an entirely different flora from that of the lowlands. As I am little versed in botany, geology or biology, I am afraid my ignorance in those subjects will, no doubt, deteriorate from the value of these articles but I will attempt to describe my experiences and impressions in an entertaining manner. I cannot pay too high a tribute to the co-operation and assistance accorded to me by my companion, Mr. J. Yates, who has shared with me to date all the ups and downs in the higher altitudes. It will be interesting to note our improvement in bushcraft, etc. from our very first effort when unfamiliar with the conditions onwards. I love mountaineering and recommend it, not only as a healthy exercise, but for the unsurpassable and amazing scenes with which it has rewarded us. It portrays Nature in her most primitive and majestic state and, well, need I say more for, after all, who is not a lover of Nature?
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