Keith Lancaster 

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Note: The reports have been scanned in as written. I have included the height and distance indications, e.g.:
(1000'- 12m.- 4.45p.m.)
which read as follows: height in feet - miles for the day - time.

On Friday, June 6th., 1952, I left Launceston at 7.15 p.m. with a L.W.C. party on a three-day trip to Gordon Vale. My personal objective was Stepped Hill although recent heavy rain and unsettled conditions did not promise well for such a midwinter escapade.

The weather still remained showery as we travelled south, augmenting our load at Bridgewater with a substantial Hobart complement. Reaching the end of the road journey at the Adamsfield turn-off from the A.N.M. road (1480’), seven of us decided to walk on to the Florentine Huts. Leaving at 2.10 a.m. we reached the Florentine huts (1250' – 3½m. - 3.20 a.m.) and settled down to sleep in one of the huts.

Next morning showers still persisted and we made a late get-away at 11.25 a.m.. The track was under flood waters in many parts and the Huntley was forded nearly waist deep. Beyond the Gordon much of the track was under water and we were often hip deep in it. The mountains were snow-coated from base to summit. Gordon Vale was reached after to slow journey (1460’ – 13½m.). Next morning the weather was too unfavourable to tempt anyone to tackle [a walk] to Stepped Hill and most stayed indoors. On the Monday I was away with the tail-enders at 9.15 a.m. and had a better trip outward.

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