Keith Lancaster 

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Note: This report has been scanned in as written. I have included the height, distance and time indications where used, e.g.:
(1000'- 12m.- 4.45p.m.)
which read as follows: height in feet - miles for the day - time.

I was one of a L.W.C. party which visited Cape Portland on Sat., Oct. 2nd. 1954 and camped that night at some abandoned tin workings near Gladstone. On Sunday morning we took the road leading from Gladstone to Boobyalla, taking a turn-off on the left about ¼ mile after passing over a bridge over (I believe) the second creek.

The bus was parked some little distance along this “road” as deterioration set in, and the party carried on along the track for about another half-mile in the direction of a high eminence of the Mt. Cameron group, probably “The Nut”. At this stage none of us had any idea what peak was the high one of the group, so The Nut, being the closest and fairly high, was as good as any other as a starting point. The climb to the top was comparatively easy and enriched by the location of kangaroo apple and dendrobium.

From the top we could see a cairn on a higher point about a mile to the N.W., so we descended a little and then worked along the ridge towards the north. Some thick growth clothed the gullies but a recent “burn” on the N.E. side of the mountain improved progress. After a slow climb, the trig. sta. was gained at last (1750’ - 10.55 - 11.12 a.m.). Abundance of cloud restricted our view but we gained a good look at the country around Ringarooma Bay as well as most of the high country of the North-East. Our return route was over much the same country and we were back at our camp-site at 1.20 p.m..


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