Keith Lancaster 

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Note: This report has been scanned in as written. I have included the height, distance and time indications, e.g.:
(1000'- 12m.- 4.45p.m.)
which read as follows: height in feet - miles for the day - time.

On Wednesday, April 25th. 1962, I spent the Anzac Day vacation by leaving Launceston with Eric Nash and Terry Woodward at 6.15 a.m. to climb the Asbestos Range and visit Little Badger Head. We drove along the West Tamar Highway to the Badger Head turnoff and parked the car 3 miles along that road where a private road turns off to the left.

Setting out on foot at 7.30 a.m., we walked along the road to a shack (7.45 a.m.) and then along an old road formation up a well-graded ridge-crest leading up onto the Asbestos Range. When the road petered out, the ridge-crest continued along evenly with the grade steadily tapering, and we reached the crest of the main ridge at 8.15 a.m.. Turning N.W., we continued casually along the crest seawards to gain its highest point at an old trig. (1289’ - 8.55 a.m.).

Despite a wide-spread fog, heaviest in the N. and E., a reasonable view was obtained. A heavy line of fog also marked the position of the Mersey and Leven Rivers. Beyond, a sweep of the horizon revealed the Dial Range, Black Bluff, Mt. Roland, Pelion West, Thetis, Ossa, Western Bluff, Bastian Bluff, then tree tops intervene with Mt. Barrow showing through a break, and then only a few low hills showed above the fog in the N.E.. Seven Mile Beach and Port Sorell showed out very clearly and intimately to the N.W..

At 9.30 a.m. we continued our journey seaward along the receding and undulating crest of the range to the N.W., stopping for a snack well along the range (10.35-50 a.m.). We then went straight down a reasonably open ridge running off at right angles on the left and soon were down at the creek in the valley below. Following the stream down was quite easy through clear leads and we were soon within close range of its mouth, whereupon we swung to the left direct for Little Badger Head which we reached with little effort. We had our lunch here and spent considerable time around the beaches before wending our way eastward along the foreshore to Badger Head. Then we walked the 2 miles along the road to the car and were back home in time for the evening meal.

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